Lory State Park Wildflowers

The wildflowers of Lory State Park make the park an especially beautiful place to visit in spring and summer.   The images below were photographed by Lory volunteer Paul Carlson in 2004 and 2005.  

Click on any image to view the image in 600x800 resolution.

Gayfeather Evening Primrose Silver Lupine Penstemon Wild Iris
Blanketflowers Blue Columbine Spring Beauty Yucca Woolly Mullein
Pasqueflowers Monument Plant Blanketflower Colorado Loco Larkspur
Scarlet Paintbrush Pink Prairie Clover Yarrow Blue Vervain Mexican Hats

Click on any image to view the image in 800x600 resolution.

Wild Rose Spiderwort Mariposa Lily Shooting Star
Mouse-eared Chickweed Prickly Pear Cactus Orange Globe Mallow Blue Flax
Showy Milkweed Wild Iris Sunflower Primroses
Coneflowers Pasqueflowers Sugarbowl Yellow Salsify